>> Jan. 30, 2018


NETFLOOR participates DOMOTEX 2018

Jan. 12-15, 2018


In the annual world largest resilient floor covering exhibition held in Hannover, Germany, NETFLOOR brought intensive attention from world-wide professional floorcovering distributors, importers, as well as exhibitors of carpet tile and vinyl tile manufacturers. We attempt to expand Netfloor distribution in Europe, particularly, France, Benelux, Germany, Italy, and east European countries. It was an extremely successful exhibition.



>> Jan. 8, 2018


    We are proudly to introduce FloatBond

      -- a remarkable improvement of adhesive tabs

         for all type of Modular Carpet & Vinyl TileOct. 2017

  1. FloatBond contributes more than double bonding strength to most, or all, brands selling in the market.
  2. Suitable for bonding all commercial modular carpet and vinyl tiles on access floor, preventing from pollution on access floor.
  3. Also suitable for most type of sub-floors using for regular carpet tile, vinyl tiles, vinyl planks, etc.

  4. Environment-Friendly:
    non-pollution to floor tiles / non-pollution to sub-floors.
    100% recyclable.

  5. Available ODM for "Private Label"





>> Oct. 20, 2017


NETFLOOR participates UK Construction Show

Oct. 2017


A very successful exhibition.


There are many builders and contractors extended solid inquiries for  Netfloor ECO series low-profile access floor systems for their on-going and in-design projects.


preparing the booth in UK Construction



accommodate large-size floor box


forum in UK Construction Show



>> Sept. 29, 2017


NETFLOOR participates BES exhibition in Singapore

Sept. 12 to 14, 2017



A building materials exhibition focus on environment-friendly and energy-conservation.


visitors from Singapore and S.E. Asia countries




>> May 2, 2017


CA500 system installed in national-wide car distributor’s head office
Add to LEED credit point -- access panel made of recycled material
Environment friendly - 100 reusable, 100% recyclable



System - Netfloor CA500
Finish floor height: 50 mm (2.0”)
Date of completion: Feb 2017
Project: Mercedes Benz Taiwan Distributor’s new head office
Size: 3,000 sq. meters (32,300 sq. ft.)


ECO installed in car dealer new head office


install UniPanels and trench caps


4th floor installation


4th floor


3rd floor installation


brush tacky adhesives before carpeting


carpet tiles installed



>> April 18, 2017


Installation CA500 system in a government office building



System - Netfloor CA500
Finish floor height 50 mm (2.0”)
Date of installation: Jan.~ March 2017
Project: a government office building in Taipei, Taiwan
Size: 11,000 sq. meters (118,360 sq. ft.)


government office building all floors installed CA500 system




before installation 7F


before installation 8F


before installation 11F


view Taipei 101





>> Jan. 5, 2017


Camass system -- installed in CCM new office in Brazil



Access panel: full-galvanized steel
Environment-friendly: all system components 100% recyclable and 100% re-usable
Finish floor height: 100 mm (4")




>> July 27, 2016


Relocation CA500 system after 14 years of usage -

all main components in original condition, and 100% reusable


Relocation - Netfloor CA500 system in an office building
Date of installation: 2002 / Date of re-location and installation: July 2016
Relocation of access floor due to organization and office re-shape
Project: Ofuna Enterprise in Taiwan
Product: Netfloor ECO CA500 system
Relocation size: 700 sq. meters (7,532 sq. ft.) at 3rd floor


Reusable: 100% re-usable
excellent, no damage to UniPanels, no damage to steel Central Caps / Flank Caps even after 14 years usage.
Only component replaced is the Sound Attenuation Blanket, which cost less than 4% of total materials cost.


Step 1: all original access floor removed and partitions removed in the same floor (3rd floor)


Step 2 - Install
2-1: apply (new) sound attenuation blanket on original sub-floor


2-2: install all old CA500 components (panels and steel caps) back onto the floor


Your may find there is residual of glues used 14 years ago left mark on the access panels and steel caps. Function and performance are same as the access floor installed 14 years ago.



>> May 16, 2016


NETFLOOR ZoneEx Modular Power Distribution System
- all wires protected by steel conduits



The new Modular Power Distribution (MPD) System is ready to launch in first week July. ZoneEx MPD system is designing and developing especially for the Northern American market. All extending wires and connectors are protected by steel conduits.

The ZoneEx MPD system distributes through Netfloor low-profile access floor systems, and connects all types of workstations, floor boxes, desk-top powers without limitation. For product information, please CONTACT US.


Zone Box


floor box with jumper for workstation


>> March 1, 2016


---  Modernization projects in a number of banks
in Hong Kong and the Philippines  ---



CamassCrete system has been selected for using in a number of banks' projects in Hong Kong and the Philippines. The continuous renovation projects are on-going progressively in the banks' headquarter and branch office towers. So far, we have implemented more than 30,000 sq. meters during 2013~2015. And we expect another 30,000 sq. meters or more during 2016~2017. The finish floor height are from 45 mm to 70 mm.





bank branches in Hong Kong


carpeting on top


SE603BS total 2,085 boxes in phase I




CamassCrete FFH 70 mm   Netfloor inside

CamassCrete FFH 70 mm


Netfloor inside

Netfloor inside   Netfloor inside





>> Dec. 1, 2014


---  New Grand Square System for Stores, Home Improvement  ---



We are proudly announcing improvement of the new Grand Square system for the world market. In addition to commercial and educational sectors, the unique system is suitable for two large emerging markets

  1. Store Display Platform
  2. Home Improvement

The system is environment-friendly and user-friendly, with complete low-profile height of 40 mm, 60 mm, and 90 mm.



installed in a multi-nation electronics store chain


for home improvement


Grand Square for store display  platform


in exhibition booth at Domotex


upgrading project in casino, in Benelux


school classroom renovation





>> Oct. 1, 2014


---  ECO series' milestone shipment  ---


One 40' container shipment of ECO CA600R system arrived at Hobart port, Tasmania, Australia on Oct. 1, 2014 -- This is a celebrating day of ECO series global sales. This shipment is to install at an office/call center of a multi-nation telecommunication company's branch at Tasmania.


The milestone shipment has completed the global pictures of ECO series to ship to ports of the three major south hemisphere countries, i.e. Cape Town of South Africa, Hobart (Tasmania) of Australia, and Valparaiso (Santiago) of Chile.

ECO series is Netfloor best-selling product line besides of CamasssCrete system.
The product is distributing through Netfloor Distributors globally, and widely using in school classrooms, office buildings, call centers, stores, and many other applications.



>> Sep. 8, 2014


---  CamassCrete system continues as best-selling product line
in class-A office buildings  ---



The system is Netfloor's best seller in Spain, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, and Hong Kong. The low-profile access floor system has been using in so many class-A commercial office buildings and government projects in these areas. Many of the projects' size are greater than 10,000 sq. meters each. In Egypt, CamassCrete has used by reputable multi-nation firms such as Vodafone, Etisalad, British Gas, etc.
In Spain, the system has chosen by a number of commercial and government projects. And there are many on-going projects to be installing during 2015~2016.



>> March 25, 2014


---  ECO series UniPanel certified to use Green Mark logo  ---

Certificate No. 10200



The Environment Protection Administration of Taiwan, ROC issued certification to Netfloor, Inc. on March 21, 2014 to certify Netfloor Inc. ECO Series Low Profile Access UniPanel (CA411A, CA511A, CA611A) comply with Green Mark specifications and are licensed to use Green Mark logo.  

Netfloor ECO series UniPanel are made of recycled poly-propylene. The systems are user-friendly and environment-friendly. All systems' components are 100% re-usable and 100% recyclable. The systems comply LEED requirements, and contribute to LEED credit points.




>> Oct. 28, 2013


---  Netfloor installing in the Stores and Showrooms  ---




Since 2010, Netfloor ECO and CamassCrete systems have been installing in many of the chain stores across the USA. The systems provide unique advantages for stores and exhibition showrooms where requiring high changeability in floor plan, and adaptability to utilities' wires and pipes.






>> Sep. 18, 2013


---  Complete ramp systems of
1:12, 1:20, and 1:40 ratio to access floor heights  ---


Netfloor is the only low-profile access floor company offers complete range ramp systems to meet high-standard safety requirements. We offer ramp's length at 1:12, 1:20, and 1:40 ratio to access floor height. Our aim is to provide and ensure high safety environments all job sites including offices, schools, libraries, shopping malls, stores. For example, when using for stores, schools, libraries, etc, where smoother slope are required, we specify to use 1:40 ratio ramp system. The ramps are made of full galvanized steel, at high loading property and high impact property for pedestrians and carts.



Standard width: 24" (609 mm) at ratio 1:12, 1:20, 1:40 ratio to access floor height. Inside Corners and Outside Corners also available at 1:12, 1:20 and 1:40 ratio.




>> Jan. 10, 2013


---  Anti-bacteria access floor  ---


For specific projects, since 2012, Netfloor, Inc. provides access floor top-finished, both carpet tile and vinyl tile with anti-bacteria treatment. The anti-bacteria (or anti-fungus) treatment is life-time performance, suitable for using in hospital, clinics, pharmaceutics, food procession, etc. where highly hygienic is required.



>> July 12, 2012


---  Ecological & High Changeability  ---


ECO series in the world famous National Palace Museum in Taipei
Exhibition Hall of Library Building

The Exhibition Hall of Library Building constantly holds special exhibitions. ECO series have been selecting as flooring system in the special exhibition rooms because its high changeability, ecological conservation, and LEED compliance.


National Palace Museum Exhibition Hall of Library Building


quiet and quick installation





quiet and quick installation


easy cable routing



partition - easy relocation


main exhibition room before carpeting




main exhibition room after carpeting



>> July 1, 2012


---  Modernization in historical "Station" building in Curitiba, Brazil  ---


The "Station" is an interesting one among Netfloor projects. Modernization in the "Station" requiring multi-functional flooring system, i.e. "low-profile and large capacity for routing cables, LEED compliance, quick and neat installation in a very short time frame, high durability, and least maintenance costs, etc..." All these are belong to ECO series' fundamental criteria. We had the honor to be chosen and implemented the project at completely satisfactory performance in the world famous ecological city - Cutitiba.



modernization in the STATION building


ground floor & mezzanine





quick and neat installation


cable routing





>> June 8, 2012


---  Water-Resistant and Water-Proof access floor  ---

Solitile SL3000 systems


As one of the leaders of low-profile access floors, Netfloor has its progressive achievements a leading role on the water-resistant and water-proof access floor systems. The SL3000 product lines are designing specially for factory offices, laboratories, restaurant / food procession, shopping malls, and all public interiors where water spill and high hygiene is a concern.

For more information, please "CONTACT US"



>> April 26, 2012


---  Brazil  ---


We are proud participating the booming construction industry in Brazil. Through our cohesive business partners in this energetic country, Netfloor ECO series and Topline carpet tile has been successfully entering the marketplace in both renovation and new building projects.



renovation project in a station-1


renovation project in a station-2



renovation project in a station-3


renovation project in a station-4



unloading at new job site-1


unloading in a new job site-2



installation training at new building site-1


installation training at new building site-2





cohesive teamwork-1


cohesive teamwork-2


>> Jan. 3, 2012


---  Remarkable innovation in the access floor industry  ---


Solitile -The Solitile system is a remarkable innovation in the access floor industry, which provides complete range of engineered stone access floor options. Solitile is an unique all-purpose access floor system. The complete Solitile series are suitable for using in all heavy-traffic public and commercial institutions such as airport, station, building lobby, aisle, shopping mall, as well as for special water resistant/proof applications like laboratories, food procession, kitchen, toilet, etc.

Solitile complete product range: for heavy to extra-heavy traffic areas.

  1. 1. SL3000 series: fully accessible, engineered stone terrazzo polished, honed, flamed surface, condensification treatment.
  2. HP2500 series: concealed, or 2 mm gap for water-drain, top-finished by all type stoneware tiles, or seamless epoxy water-proof surface.







>> Sep. 15, 2011


---  Camass CA1000 system improvement  ---


The Camass system is well accepted in the world market because it's special features of light-weight, user-friendly, and 100% re-usable and 100% recyclable.

As results of continuous improvement on system, we are pleased to announce the UniPanel and Flank Cap connection have been modified for better stability.  Pictures shown Flank Cap has a bend flange at its two side, which installed onto grooves at four side of UniPanel. All other components remain unchanged. All functional performances remain same. The Flank Cap stability has been improved.


New improved
CA1000 assembly


Better stability-Flank Caps installed onto grooves at four sides of main panels.




>> May 18, 2011


---  Qatar Project 2011  ---


Netfloor systems for class-A office buildings in the Middle East and North Africa
CamassCrete Low-Profile Access Floor Systems are continuously installing in many of the high-rise buildings.


Al Baker Tower


GCC Building


Salata Tower




>> May 16, 2011


---  All-weather access floor SS3011 for outdoor and roof  ---


Solitile SS3011 access panels consists of Solitile panel core which bonded and inner-locked by stainless steel base plate. The panels are designing specially for outdoor terrace and roof. Panel thickness 30 mm and 35 mm, size 600 X 600 mm, with high concentration loading property of 1250 kg and 1500 kg. The system is relatively light weight and durable, and ideal to substitute granite tile and plastics-wood for outdoor applications. Standard finish floor height 100 mm to 600 mm.

For more information, please write us.





>> May 12, 2011


--- SE603-BS service floor boxes  ---

provide high accessibility and changeability


SE603-BS installed on cable trenches, in all commercial building.
Standard to accommodate 2 power sockets and 3 data jacks.

For complete service floor box systems, please visit Service Floor Box




>> May 4, 2011


--- HiFloor pedestal system for outdoor and roof ---


HiFloor pedestal system -

  1. environment friendly: 100% re-usable, 100% recyclable.
  2. easy installation / height adjustable
  3. suitable for top-finish by all type of wood plank, granite, marble,...
  4. Outdoor landscape
  5. energy saving when using as roof-top insulation
  6. protect and extend life cycle of roof water-proof treatment
  7. extra heavy duty: pedestal loading property greater than 2,000 kg

For more information, please visit Hifloor Outdoor Pedestal





>> March 21, 2011


--- Titanium La Portada Office Building, Santiago, Chile ---


Continuous installation in different floors of the skyscraper office building in Santiago city's financial district


Titanium La Portada Office Building, Santiago, Chile


The tallest building in Santiago now


ready for Netfloor installation


install blanket


starting row along wall




continue installation blanket and panels


field extension


field installation








free standing for ramp


view from 39 or 38 floor


cable routing






protection for other working


carpet tile installation


glass partition


low partition


ready for move in











>> Feb. 1, 2011


--- Solitile® SL3000 Systems
monolithic stoneware access floor ---


SL3000 access panel consists of monolithic artificial stone core, terrazzo top-finish, which has special supporting and reinforcing steel structure at bottom. The supporting steel structure at bottom are firmly inter-locking at core of panel, which composed a rigid and high strength structure, to perform heavy loading property.

Cost-effective: No additional floor covering.

Durable and Aesthetic: The access panels are durable than porcelain and carpet, aesthetic terrazzo top-finish verity choice of colors and patterns.

Multiple-purpose: all public areas, commercial office, hospital, factory office, shopping mall, museum, library, educational buildings,  ...

Wet areas: grouting installation in-between access panels for wet areas restaurant, restroom, food procession, etc.



>> Jan. 31, 2011


--- Netfloor HP2500 Residential Raised Floor ---


Netfloor HP2500 systems are specially designing and developing for high-rise apartment buildings which have effectively improve living quality in the metropolitan apartments.


Features --

  1. noise reduction: effectively reduce upper-floor's noises more than 50%.  
  2. no embedded pipes: utility pipes or wires are installed and distributed under the access floor.
  3. SI ( Skeleton Infill) concept fulfillment: flexibility and changeability for interior room-type plan by occupant's personal preference, now and future.

Benefits --

  1. improve quality of living: Effectively reduce noise caused by upstairs.
  2. efficient and quite renovation.
  3. low renovation, maintenance costs.
  4. least interference to downstairs occupants.
  5. flexibility: flexible design and re-location for all rooms, toilets and kitchen.



>> Jan. 24, 2011


--- 2000 LB (900 kg) grade extra-heavy duty access floor system ---


Extra heavy duty, 2000 LB grade, for all heavy traffic areas such as train station, airport, shopping mall, casino, … and etc.
ST3000SD systems are special High Density core construction access panel, bonded by stoneware tiles, porcelain, granite, or marble, which can sustain for extra heavy traffic.
For more information, please write us.



>> Oct. 29, 2010


--- SAUDI BUILD 2010 ---


Netfloor participated the SAUDI BUILD 2010 exhibition at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the most promising and biggest building materials market in the Gulfs. The exhibition was tremendously successful, and we received so many enthusiastic visitors and inquiries for on-going projects.








>> Sept. 13, 2010


GreenBuilding Conference Brazil   Sept. 1~2, 2010


Successful participation at the conference by Netfloor Brazil Distributor



Netfloor booth


management team
Brazil Distributor


enthusiastic visitors
at Netfloor booth



GreenBuilding Conference



>> July 1, 2010


ST3000 systems  - bamboo, marble, porcelain


access floor launched for world market








>> Feb. 10, 2010


--- ST3000 series - access floor of life-time collection ---



Product lines of Environment Friendly

We are pleased to introduce ST3000 series, a new access floor system which has significantly broadened scope of access floor applications. Among concurrent access floor systems, the welded-form steel/cementitious, or woodcore access panels, are only suitable top finished by resilient floor covering such as carpet, vinyl, or HPL, etc. As to nature stone, porcelain, or wood, many of the traditional access floor systems are trying to bond as top finish but not successful. Most of it are failed or peeled after short time usage. 

top finish: ST3000 is an all-purpose access floor, which is good for bonding by polished porcelain tile, granite, marble, wood, and all resilient floor coverings.


1. all commercial, private and public institutional interiors:

general office, lobby, corridor, exhibition showroom, hospital, school, and etc.
Unlike the traditional access floor systems, there is few boundary for ST3000 series.


2. roof-top:

  1. an effective energy-saving approach, to insulate heat transmission from top of the buildings.
  2. create space for recreation or functional application on the roof-top, for which often neglected in the past.
  3. greatly prolong lifespan and durability of the roof-top sub-floor by blocking off extra-violet ray from direct shooting on the roof-top sub-floor.



>> Sep. 29, 2009


--- Return to the Skyscrapers -- smart modernization ---




Challenge -- How to renovate the prestigious skyscrapers and the high-rise office buildings those built more than 20 years ago, (some more than 50 years), to meet the internet age is a real challenge.


As a specialist and one of leaders of low-profile access floor manufacturer,
Netfloor systems offers the smart modernization



>> Jan. 5, 2009


--- ZoneEx Modular Power Distribution Systems ---


We are pleased to launch the ZoneEx system for the world market. ZoneEx (Zone Power Extension) ZE400 series is a modularized power distribution system which provides instant connection and extension power from the building electric panel, to workstation and end user electricity facilities. The system features faster and easier connection, and offers higher safety level and efficiency because it has effectively eliminated job site cutting, sheath striping by the installers.
For detailed information, please visit: www.zoneex.biz


ZoneEx accommodates

  1. Camass, CamassCrete:
    FFH 60 mm ~ 200 mm
  2. ECO series CA600R:
    FFH 60 mm
  3. Floor box SS603 and SE603 are installing on Cable Trenches.


>> July 18, 2008


--- Service Floor Box Integration ---


We have successfully integrated service floor box series to supply global market.

The floor box series accommodate all Netfloor Cable Management Flooring Systems. Socket types available for all major types such as 220 volts British, German, French, and 110 Volts for USA. All product lines are available now.


>> Feb. 12, 2008


--- Seminar in Amman, Jordan Jan. 15 -16, 2008 ---


A highly successful 2-day product seminar held in Jordan Royal Hotel invited more than 100 key architects / consultants, and government officials to attend the presentation.

The seminar was hosted by Netfloor Jordan Distributor and participated by Netfloor sales executives, Gulfs areas.


Jan 15-16, 2008 at Jordan Royal Hotel presenting all major Netfloor product lines


Opening speech




Opening speech






First day attendants - about 60 consultants / architects


Questions and answers


Second day attendants - 60 consultants & government officials






>> May 8, 2007


--- Netfloor systems participate construction in the Gulfs ---


Netfloor systems are installing in many of the new towers, and proudly as one of the main cable management access floor suppliers in class A office buildings in Doha and Dubai, the two fastest growing cities in the world.











>> Jan 16, 2007


New product line -- FreeMount FM500 system
non-glue, no pollution, 100 % re-usable




We are proudly to announce the new product line launching for world market.

FreeMount FM500 system is designing and developing especially for high-rise new office buildings, as well as for renovation and upgrading in old office and school, where efficient cable management, and environment protection are concerned. The patented FM500 system comprises of special design FM-panel and FM-pedestal. The FM-Panel is access panel with 4 mm radius notch at four angles, which corner-locked by special designed FM-pedestal to form 8 mm diameter opening on top of the FM-pedestal.
The unique system is an innovation in access floor industry, which provides easy cable management, environment friendly and cost-saving solution to the modern office and school.. For more information, please visit FreeMount.


>> May 18, 2006


------ Exhibition in Abu Dhabi, UAE ------
April 2006


UAE brings attention by world-wide building materials manufacturers and suppliers.
Netfloor Camass, CamassCrete, and CMS systems exhibited in April, 2006 Exhibition of Building Materials in Abu Dhabi participated by KHDA, Netfloor Distributor UAE.












>> May 12, 2006


------ Exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam ------
March 2006


Vietnam, one of the rising stars, and the new attraction to world businessmen -- Netfloor CamassCrete and ECO series exhibited in the Hanoi Building Materials Exhibition in March 2006. The exhibition was participated by Sapai, Netfloor Distributor in Vietnam.




>> May 2, 2005


------ ACTILE anti-static vinyl tile ------
We proudly introduce the multi-purpose vinyl floor tile to world market …


Actile is specially designed and developed as surface flooring for all type of access floors, for commercial and institutional public interiors. Electrostatic propensity of Actile is less than 0.6 kV, which has effectively eliminated static irritation in the modern interiors. The 4.5 mm thickness further enables Actile suitable as surface flooring for all type of access floors, which has provided better solution than carpet tile with easy clean and durability.




Actile on access floors


on concrete slab, hard-surface floors


Renovation: Actile installing on OA access floor by replacing old carpet tile ……

For product information, please visit "Actile"


>> April 25, 2005


Netfloor ECO series exhibited in Barcelona, CONSTRUMAT 2005





CONSTRUMAT, the biggest building materials exhibition in the Spanish-speaking world, shows every two year in Barcelona. Netfloor ECO series had been proudly exhibiting together with the product lines presented by our Spain Distributor Artis. The products exhibited returned with successful responses.




>> Aug. 26, 2003


New Product for world  market -- "CamassCrete"
Camass series  are the only access floors suitable
for 4 cm, 5  cm, 6 cm height installation


( Camass series 4 cm & 5 cm installation world-wide  patent pending )



We are pleased  to announce the new product line CamassCrete which will  be available for the world market on Sept. 2003. CamassCrete  is a new version of Camass series. Fully accessible  cable trench, suitable to install at low-profile 40  mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 76 mm.
Also 100 mm to 150 mm height.  For background information of CamassCrete, please visit  here.



>> June 5, 2003


Netfloor ECO Series  been granted Japanese "ECO Mark"




We are pleased  to announce Netfloor ECO Series been granted by Japan  as "ECO Mark" green abled Products. ECO series  is a accomplishment of Green Building materials. UniPanel  is made of recycled poly-propylene and the whole systems  are recyclable. Test was conducted by Netfloor Distributor  in Japan, Uchida Technology, a subsidrary of Uchida  Yoko which is the top 3 Japanese office furniture and  office supply leading company.



>> May 25, 2003


 Netfloor AD-600 and Camass series participated Information & Communication Technology Event in Belgium






The Telecom City in Brussels, formerly known as TMAB. A major B2B Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Event in Belgium.

The exhibition was participated by Netfloor Benelux area Distributor, Mulder-Hardenberg Group at booths 20th , 21st and 22nd.

The pictures were provided by Mulder-Hardenberg Group. 


Copyright Netfloor, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.